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The Maine Man has been around since 1949 and continues to deliver weekly orders of our soft drinks to homes throughout Northern Ireland.

If you are not a regular customer and would like a delivery *, here are a few choices from our range of flavours.

This would be an one-off order, but if you would prefer a more regular delivery from our full extensive range, please contact us.

To order online, choose from the selection below, follow the process and this will be delivered to your door *

( Payment is via PayPal and please allow at least 7 working days for delivery )

*currently Northern Ireland Postcodes only

Although Maine Soft Drinks has primarily been known for its doorstep delivery service, for many years we have successfully supplied our products to shops under the Vitazade and Smak brands. More recently the Maine brand was also introduced in a 1 Litre and a 500 ml range.

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Customers say
  • These surely are the tasty treats I remember from my childhood!
  • These are the best soft drinks I have ever experienced
  • Keep serving those tasty drinks

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Where We Cover

Maine Soft Drinks

Maine Soft Drinks